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Maison Respiro

Welcome to Maison Respiro, a holiday home for family reunions, happy moments with friends and lovers of life.

It has been chosen and patiently restored by imagining the dinners prepared by several hands, the naps in the shade and the laughter of the children in the garden. A House where you can settle down, linger and simply breathe.

Ideally situated in the Entre-deux-Mers region, in the middle of a landscape of vines, woods and hills, you can discover it at the end of the road, with your eyes turned towards the forest and the large undulating garden. Below, it surprises the visitor with the swimming pool carved out of an old underground quarry. In this mineral landscape, one is transported to the Mediterranean or to Petra, far from everything, but so close too.

Maison Respiro

7 Escambert Ouest, Naujan et Postiac, 33420, France